Gods and Giants

The Plauge House Again

Continuing thew the plague house the Berseles enter in to some more rooms in after entering the basement again we see from the back a dreaded Ragomoffyn……. or so Mandy thinks, 2 arrows later and a squeak from a young boy . Mandy questions her eyes and regrets her decision. She was itching for a fight after 2 weeks of….. i mean 2 hours of surcharging up stairs for treasures. Rushing over Sol tries to patch the poor boy up with some bandages….. no healing hands, nothing but a heal check. Mandy felts so bad that she give him my last healing potions to the poor boy.

Waking up the poor boy was scared and confused so confused (or may be not so bright) that he was under the impression that the orc had shot him. Poor boy Mandy wonders if based on his beating if he had dropped the soap.
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After we found the poor kid we enter in to a room with a ooze all lined up in a corridor behind a a secret wall Sol and I head around the other side. a few arrows later i began to questions Sol as he stands there with nothing but his mace. i asked “Why aren’t you shooting any thing Sol?" “I have nothing to shoot with.” I faced palms. Then i handed him 5 daggers, “Throw these” mean wile Felix and Durin stand and fight. i called out to Felix “Get away from that thing it will swallow you whole!” Felix “I do not run from a fight.” Chuckling all the way as he dodges the oozes strike. Stepping up Sol took a great throw with the dagger and squish the ooze seemed to shrink back. but for good measure we all beat on it more and more.

After looting the thing we enter in to a room with some shadowy rats. We don’t seem to be able to hit them up tell I tap in to my teaching of magic from aunt Cassandra, the arcane magic flows threw my arm and to the tip of my arrows. Then with each strike the rats fall dead and burst in to a patch of shadows.

Later we head to town and on the way the subject of the kid pops up. The kid Othdan is a pig farmer and wishes to come with us. Being a wiled kid my self I say sure, Durin has other plans and says “Well his parents may want him back and miss him.” I point out that he is must not be of much value to his parents because if he was than I would have seen some missing children posters around town and trust me I did not. I LOOKED! Displeased by this Durin and I get in a heated argument insisting i could take better care of the boy. poor Felix he popped in to spread some of his paladin goodness and Durin and I almost bit his head off.
Finally Durin insisted he was going and I had no choice but to come on his fools errand.

Coming to pig farm with the stench of festered filth we come across a man that looks as if he got the short end of the ugly stick. This seems to be the boys father. In any cases it ends with Durin basically buying the boy! (again i face palms {out of character its a good thing i don’t take HP damage for face palming})

Heading in to town after that not a word is said about the insolent some times its better this way with family. Coming in to town we all go shopping!!! Ok not that exciting i just got some potions but still SHOPPING! in excursions around town we go the magic shop (Mandy’s happy place) and find that dad had come by and gotten every thing worth any thing in the shop…. even missing he is still a buzz kill.

coming in to Trunau

entering Trunau the Berseles found them selfs looking on to a ritual of sorts as the child Ruby comes of age. the Berseles went threw the crowd and found them selfs in a competition with some big brute type guys. with great pulls and tugs the Berseles and ruby won the day.
after the competition the High Priestess Tyari Varvatos came out and good old durin starts the great love plot to get felix off and married. mandy and duren take such good care of there little brother.
later on the Berseles found them selfs over to a inn. sitting up all night catching up with each other mandy and durin talk of there adventures.
the next morning the Berseles where all awoken with a start as a scream came from out side. a murder of a investigator has occurred with the promise of help in finding there father the Berseles agree to help in there mission to help find out what happened.
the investigation leaded the Berseles threw the city and to the old sage Katrezra. from there we found our way to the Plague House in there we encountered many beast and echoes of its dreaded past. in our exploration we found a orc and a troll of some kind. in the durin died and mandy was knocked unconscious.
the Berseles raised durin back we can only hope he has not lost him self the the fade of the afterlife. the Berseles look thew the rest of the plague house.

Session One
the before the family

We all roll in to town with Spicy. One in our group is a lady in a kimono, another a shady looking druid, a paladin with a halo, and the fourth………….. the most generic looking gnome ever known only as Tim. I feel I must expand on Tim because Tim had not description to his character what so ever so he had a blue shirt a red hat and brown pants. He held a spade in one hand and was some sort of holy warrior of the garden. as we settle in for the night after a long trip on the rode and a find of a cool looking dagger, we sit down to a table. as it would happen the group next to us seemed to think the dagger was theirs. Our gnome seemed to disagree and took a swing at the barbarian who was the only not evil one in the whole lot our fine paladin had pointed our not so secretly. A bar fight started, the kimono bow chick hopped up with blunted arrows and shot. The druid pulled his staff, the paladin punched some one and Tim well Tim got punched hard as he should.
Among the fighting the warden came out and with a booming voice silenced the fight. locking away the 2 instigating groups we all went to bed. …….(to be continued)


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