Gods and Giants

coming in to Trunau

entering Trunau the Berseles found them selfs looking on to a ritual of sorts as the child Ruby comes of age. the Berseles went threw the crowd and found them selfs in a competition with some big brute type guys. with great pulls and tugs the Berseles and ruby won the day.
after the competition the High Priestess Tyari Varvatos came out and good old durin starts the great love plot to get felix off and married. mandy and duren take such good care of there little brother.
later on the Berseles found them selfs over to a inn. sitting up all night catching up with each other mandy and durin talk of there adventures.
the next morning the Berseles where all awoken with a start as a scream came from out side. a murder of a investigator has occurred with the promise of help in finding there father the Berseles agree to help in there mission to help find out what happened.
the investigation leaded the Berseles threw the city and to the old sage Katrezra. from there we found our way to the Plague House in there we encountered many beast and echoes of its dreaded past. in our exploration we found a orc and a troll of some kind. in the durin died and mandy was knocked unconscious.
the Berseles raised durin back we can only hope he has not lost him self the the fade of the afterlife. the Berseles look thew the rest of the plague house.



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