Gods and Giants

Session One

the before the family

We all roll in to town with Spicy. One in our group is a lady in a kimono, another a shady looking druid, a paladin with a halo, and the fourth………….. the most generic looking gnome ever known only as Tim. I feel I must expand on Tim because Tim had not description to his character what so ever so he had a blue shirt a red hat and brown pants. He held a spade in one hand and was some sort of holy warrior of the garden. as we settle in for the night after a long trip on the rode and a find of a cool looking dagger, we sit down to a table. as it would happen the group next to us seemed to think the dagger was theirs. Our gnome seemed to disagree and took a swing at the barbarian who was the only not evil one in the whole lot our fine paladin had pointed our not so secretly. A bar fight started, the kimono bow chick hopped up with blunted arrows and shot. The druid pulled his staff, the paladin punched some one and Tim well Tim got punched hard as he should.
Among the fighting the warden came out and with a booming voice silenced the fight. locking away the 2 instigating groups we all went to bed. …….(to be continued)


Edited the Grammer because it bothered the glorious Tim the Grammer Nazi.

Session One

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