Tavern Tales and Rumors

Rumor #1
That Uslalav province, Renchurch, ever heard of it? Well the way I hear it is that it was ruled by some powerful undead cleric – the grey friar, but he was destroyed by some lich. Seems this lich flew in one day on the back of some bone dragon and took out the the grey friar like it was no big thing. Killed a bunch of those undead monks that worked for the friar too. Gave the rest a choice, join him or join the gray friar. Way I figure it the only lich powerful enough to do all that mush be the whispering tyrant himself, curse his name.

Rumor #2
Aylunna Varvatos has gotten herself engaged to a Berseles. It seems that she has finally broken down and agreed to marry someone. Eniss Rhinn is going to be heartbroken. He was set on marring the second sword knight himself. Of course I heard if the dwarves catch up with that Berseles boy, ol’ Ennis might just have a chance at Aylunna again.

Rumor #3
Lots of the city guard been coming down with something. Likely all that rainy weather we had – that makes bug bad, and you know how sick you can get with bugs around. Those guard boys should keep themselves and their barracks cleaner – could learn a thing or two from the army boys.

Rumor #4
Those Knights of Ozem are getting ready to recruit again for a big campaign into Geb. Seems that they are wanting to finally get that Harlot Queen put to rest. I know they always talk about it, but it seems one of them, Felix Berseles, is really going for it this time. He has a lot of those boys whipped into a frenzy to go to war.

Tavern Tales and Rumors

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