Welcome to Gods and Giants. A Pathfinder game of adventure that pits the venerable linage of an aasimar noble family from Lastwall against the the plotting of enemies both old and new. The story weaves together the Giantslayer adventure path and the confrontation of an even more dangerous foe who seeks the destruction of a dynasty.

Our gaming group consists of experienced and novice players. Our ages go from 14-44. We have fun, keep it light, and rated PG. We poke fun at the game and each other, but party unity is central to our game. Our characters are epic level with a few bonuses added in – not mythic, but they can see it from where they are. Players earn character bonuses through enhancing the game through online journals, keeping the adventure log up to date, and in general making everything more fun to play. We usually meet Saturdays – mid-morning to early evening. We roll real dice, but combat is handled through the use of a communal virtual table top that utilizes Roll20 for combat and mapping.

Please check out Short History of the Berseles family to get an idea of family history. Some of these characters have been played for over 20 years.