Journal 1

Racken Berseles

We spent some time in last wall…
Training was… Painful. Growing wings was brutal but worth the pain, taking flight feels more natural now. I can feel the freedom, feel the connection to the elements.
Learning to Teleport was Mind-bending at first but I think I’ve got the hang of it.
The rest was good. We haven’t heard from Felix in quite some time. that worries me, but not as much as where we believe father has been taken and the prospect of war.
I don’t think the pathfinders quite know what they have gotten themselves involved with. I just hope that it doesn’t crack the world open.

Durin got married. That was surprise to me, I didn’t even know he was engaged until recently. but im usually the last to find out things of importance. The wedding was Beautiful and I think Durin definitely married up, the new Mrs. Berseles is a very sharp woman.

After our time in Lastwall, we decided that our best action for the time would be to continue our actions against the Storm Tyrant. Following the trail once again, we passed the ruins of Janderhall and continued on looking for a training camp that we were told about.

We found it.
After a small skirmish we were approached by a red dragon, who offered information and told us about the enslavement of dragons by the Storm Tyrant. What kind of evil is able to enslave other evil? I’m not completely confident that Naximarra is on our side, but she has been helpful so far. But the enemy of my enemy is my friend for the moment.

Realizing that we had no chance of taking this encampment by force, we decided to use some guerrilla tactics in order to break up the forces counting on them being superstitious and slightly untrusting of each other. we’ve made a few attempts and had some success. Ray played his heart out in order to magically build a tunnel to drain the lake. that had some… unintended results. but we will continue to harass them as best we can. I hope we can just make the best of this without fully gathering the ire of the encampment…

Journal 1

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